Richard L. Gelfond

Chief Executive Officer
Richard (Rich) Gelfond is Chief Executive Officer of IMAX Corporation, one of the world's leading entertainment technology companies. Under his leadership, IMAX has evolved from a niche purveyor of nature and science documentaries to a Hollywood movie force — both as a high-tech exhibitor and a creative partner in the movie-making process. IMAX’s proprietary technology has also evolved with time to suit the needs of moviegoers around the world, and today provides the public with a premium entertainment experience. IMAX has more than 1,700 theatres in over 80 countries, which showcase Hollywood blockbusters and local-language content to fans around the world. Gelfond, one of entertainment’s longest-tenured executives, joined IMAX in 1994 as co-chairman after his firm, Cheviot Capital Advisors, bought the company. Gelfond previously served as an investment banker in mergers and acquisitions with Drexel Burnham Lambert. Gelfond holds a BA from Stony Brook University and a law degree from Northwestern University. Gelfond is a member of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Science. In 1996, Gelfond and investment partner Brad Wechsler received an Academy Award on behalf of IMAX for Scientific and Technical Achievement.